Young Xplorer Package

We are a young and dynamic travel company established by a team of highly professional, motivated and energetic people with years of experience in the travel industry. Along with proficiency, our team shares one more thing in common and that is our passion for travel which makes us experts in every minor detail of this business.

We are one of the emerging and prominent service providers in the field of the Education sector. We organize innovative school expeditions, exceptional educational school trips, adventurous and recreational tours for schools, universities and youth groups to destinations throughout India and abroad. From a day trip to theme parks, where your students will have a day full of excitement to longer trips, that will bring experiential learning along with fun, we make travel itineraries tailored according to the needs of a particular travel group. We understand that organizing school travel, accommodation and activities for our young Xplorers is not a child’s play and this is where our expertise comes. After many years in the industry, we have built up a strong and trusted network of partners and service providers, hence we can cater to all your trip related requirements under one roof.

What Makes You Travel With Us

We take our role seriously and make every effort to offer you the very best services, Always!

Safety: Safety of your students and staff is of topmost priority for us. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your travel experience is happy and trouble-free.

Insurance: We offer comprehensive travel insurance specifically designed for student trips to secure you from unforeseen situations.

Dedicated Support: We support your Institute administrator or faculty in charge to plan, develop and execute group tour as per the need of your school depending upon the group size, age & interest. Our well-grounded tour managers travel with every group to provide 24 Hrs constant support during the execution of the group and take the hassle out of the teacher's hand.

Creativity: Travelling is not only about visiting a place but to create some beautiful and unforgettable memories. By combining the power of experiential learning with the thrill of travel, our tours help students expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Value for money: We have a vast network worldwide with Hotels and other service providers in travel fraternity, hence we provide you best experience at the competitive price. We guide you to choose the right destination, activities or time to travel for your students to receive the best value for money.

Parent Info Kit: We provide parents with complete information covering details on the itinerary, safety, the support we offer.

School Travel Themes


Get beyond the classrooms and let the students experience the rich heritage cultural value of India. The students will discover the essence of the country and its people by travelling to the historical cities of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chennai etc. By taking heritage and cultural walk with us at these places will bring unforgettable learnings to the student and connect them to the soul of their country.


We design our adventure tours based on the age and development needs of a particular student group. Our adventure tour offers a wide range of activities for students of different age groups such as trekking, rappelling, wall climbing, cycling, wildlife safaris, outdoor skills learning, team building activities, adventure camping, etc. During such tours, we aim to inculcate different life skills in students which will facilitate the overall personality and character development of the child.


Let’s combine the thrill of travelling with the photography skill development. Our photography expedition will take the students to the most picturesque destinations and let them unveil and capture the beauty of nature under the guidance of our professional mentors. Students will learn to capture the world through the lenses


Our educational tours help students to prepare for the future by getting exposure to the real world. From scientific expedition like a visit to ISRO to geographical tour to the vide range of landscapes to the Industrial Tours to major Industrial hubs, the students will get deeper learning when they connect classroom learnings to the practical world. They reflect on what they’ve learned through a post-tour project that gives even more meaning to travel—and can earn them academic credit. Such tours broaden the horizon of knowledge for students and they become more confident.


Day Excursion Trips filled with fun and frolic will be a rejuvenating break for the students from their exam pressure. Our team of professionals will help you design a day school trip based on the budget and age group of your students.


The student exchange program is one of the best ways to experience international education without spending a lot of time away from your native place. The exchange program will be a life-enriching experience for students as it will bring them out of their comfort zone and they gain independence and develop a global perspective on various worldly matters. We have a large DMC network worldwide which ensure the best services for your group when you travel abroad. We will arrange a hassle-free tour for your students and teachers while they Xplore the world out there.


Through our school tour we aim to create responsible travelers of the future as we encourage students to practice Eco-friendly activities while traveling like turning off lights, creating less waste and disposing of it correctly, sensible use of water use, using reusable water bottle, etc.. These practices will inculcate good habits in students and will create better and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

How We Manage your group tours

Our motto is to make your trip an unforgettable experience for both pupils and teachers alike.

Our motto is to make your trip an unforgettable experience for both pupils and teachers alike.

Venue & Site selection: we guide you to select the city to travel based on your group strength and interest

Itinerary Suggestion: We help you in designing the day & time-wise itinerary along with a suggestion on the place to explore for sightseeing, food and shopping.

Accommodation: We help you make the right choice of hotels /camps, in your budget

Transport: We arrange total Logistics Management for the school trip - Ground Transport, Railways or Airlines, our team understands the complexities of total logistic management.

Competitive Package Cost: We offer the best package cost which covers all the elements based on your group requirement.

In-House Tour Managers: We have a pool of Tour Managers, who travel with the group and ensure smooth & safe execution of the group in every aspect.

Master Checklist: There are many steps to get the tour successful. We will help you prepare a checklist to make sure nothing is left out.

Value-Added ServicesPrinted itinerary for every student containing important info like key contact details, do's & don'ts etc, drinking water in all vehicle, 24 x 7 support during group execution, Group Travel Insurance


Let's xplore to the Core